Army of Walking Corpses took to life in Nottingham, England over the summer of 2009...

Guitarist Machine decided to stitch together a horde of talented zombies, recruiting Le Mang on vocals, N.v.P on drums and finally Frankenfiend joined the ranks on radioactive upright bass. The aim? To fulfill a lifelong goal and create a full on, corpse paint wearing, blood spilling, horror band.

A well-received 3 track demo was recorded later the same year and this, coupled with the bands ghoulish live show, emphasised their desire to not only march through your town, but to entertain you as they did.

Army of Walking Corpses returned to the studio in Late 2010 and emerged with their first 'official' release, the 'Deadmen Walking' E.P. Combining the finest elements of Horrorpunk, as well as more than a nod to Rock 'n' Roll, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, this helped cement the band's sound as the horror soundtrack to your life.

In 2012, a split 7" E.P, 'Bloodgods' was released with German Horrorpunk Kings the Crimson Ghosts, while 2014 sees the follow up to 'Deadmen Walking', a new 6 track E.P, 'K.M.D'.

And so here is the Army of Walking Corpses store. A place to find all things band related - Clothing, music and assorted bits and bobs. Over time we hope to provide you the fans (or just the plain curious!) with a variety of items for you to satisfy your desire for all things Corpse-like.